Specialist in the complete rebuilding of lathes

In Maquinaria Donosti we are specialist in the complete rebuilding of Cazeneuve lathes and other Spanish brands like Gurutzpe, Geminis, Jashone, Lacfer and more.
We rebuild our lathes and our clients lathes.

We have a permanent stock of all Cazeneuve models and distances between centers.

The objective of the rebuilding is save the costs of a new lathe and mantein a great quality and precise machine like a new and updated with new components. Is dificult find this type of lathes in the current machinery market.  

    The rebuilding process has diferent phases, we can hightlight the followings:
    • Disassembly of the lathe piece by piece
    • Sanding and painting of all components.
    • Grinding and adjust of the bed and carriage.
    • Replacing of some components like gears, bearings, nuts, brakes, screws…
    • Review or replacement of other components like rapid system, advance box…
    • Chrome of pieces
    • New electrical box, new start system and other electrical components
    • Update with new tools like DRO, steady rest, turret, chucks…
    • Update and certificate with new CE security components   
    Some machines we have rebuilt: